About Us

Borda’s mission is to bring operational awareness and insight with actionable IoT data. Our Asset Management, Patient Throughput, Infant Security, Environmental Monitoring and Location-Aware Work Demand Management solutions enable data driven management and lead the way towards the era of insight driven management. Developing both IoT hardware & software to provide a seamless solution, we enhance the quality of healthcare services and increase operational efficiency in more than 30 million square feet of hospital area with over 15 thousand bed capacity.


To bring operational awareness and insight with actionable IoT data.


A Global IoT for Healthcare Company

Our Company Values

  • Be trustworthy
  • Be open
  • Be fair

Our Values

We value the people we work with first and the most!

Borda Culture

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Life at Borda

As we say about our culture. Borda is sportive! Join our team to work hard play hard with lot’s of action! Feel the spirit everywhere.

Watersports, Frisbee, Bicycle, Snowboard and Ski, Kite, Sailing, Football, Marathon Running, Camping, Volunteering Activities

Borda Academy


Turkey – Headquarters​

Istanbul Technical University
ARI 3 Teknokent No:504
Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey

IYTE Campus, Teknopark Izmir, Building A
No:1/17/38,39 Gulbahce, Urla, Izmir, Turkey


USF Connect 3802 Spectrum Blvd Ste 142D
33612 Tampa, FL, USA